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Three new generative AI features are being introduced to Chrome.

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Google has announced the introduction of experimental generative AI features in the latest release of Chrome (M121) to enhance browsing efficiency and personalization. Users can access these features on Macs and Windows PCs in the U.S. by navigating to the "Experimental AI" page in Chrome settings. The new features include:

  1. Tab Organizer: Chrome will automatically suggest and create tab groups based on open tabs, simplifying the management of multiple tasks. Users can access this feature by right-clicking on a tab and selecting "Organize Similar Tabs" or using the drop-down arrow.

  2. AI-Generated Themes: Users can create custom browser themes using generative AI. By visiting the "Customize Chrome" side panel and selecting "Change theme" followed by "Create with AI," users can generate themes based on chosen subjects, moods, visual styles, and colors.

  3. AI-Powered Writing Assistance: In the next Chrome release, an experimental AI-powered feature will assist users in writing confidently on the web. By right-clicking on a text box or field and selecting "Help me write," users can receive AI-generated suggestions to kickstart the writing process for reviews, RSVPs, inquiries, and more.

These features are early public experiments and will be available for trial in Chrome on Macs and Windows PCs, excluding enterprise and educational accounts. Google plans to introduce more AI and ML capabilities throughout the year, including the integration of the new AI model Gemini to enhance browsing speed and ease.