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Microsoft's first s...
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Microsoft's first super smart computers called "next-gen AI PCs."

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there's news about Microsoft working on making their Surface devices even smarter with something called AI, which helps computers do cool things. They're planning to update their Surface Pro and Surface Laptop computers. These updates will bring better designs, new features, and super-advanced computer parts from companies like Intel and Qualcomm.

These new computers are going to be announced in the springtime and will be Microsoft's first super smart computers called "next-gen AI PCs." They'll come in two types, one with Intel chips and the other with Arm chips. Both types will have a special part called the "neural processing unit" (NPU) to make them good at using AI.

The Arm computers, which use chips made by Qualcomm, are called "CADMUS" PCs. They're made to work well with the next version of Windows, which Microsoft is secretly working on. These computers will have lots of amazing new AI features when the new Windows comes out in 2024.

They're also making changes to the Surface Laptop 6. There will be two sizes: one with a slightly bigger screen than before, and another staying the same size. And for the Surface Pro 10, they're improving the screen to make it brighter, work better with special video content, and even reduce glare on the screen.