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This Google free learning program has 10 courses about AI (artificial intelligence).

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This free learning program has 10 courses about AI (artificial intelligence). Some are for beginners, while a few might need a bit of knowledge in Python, SQL, or machine learning.

These courses use videos, articles, labs, and quizzes to teach. When you finish a course, you get a badge to show you completed it. It's cool that these courses are free and cover a lot about AI.

AI is becoming a big deal, and it's not going away anytime soon. So, it's good to learn as much as you can about it. These courses help you understand AI better and create things for the future responsibly.

In each course, you'll find videos, readings, and quizzes. Some have labs where you do tasks within a time limit, like 1 hour.

Here's what the courses cover:

  1. Introduction to Generative AI: This shows what generative AI is and how it's different from other machine learning.

  2. Introduction to Large Language Models: It talks about big language models and how to use them.

  3. Introduction to Responsible AI: This is about ethical AI, its principles, and how Google implements it.

  4. Generative AI Fundamentals: It's a quiz covering topics from the first three courses.

  5. Introduction to Image Generation: This explains how to make images using certain models.

  6. Encoder-Decoder Architecture: Talks about a type of machine learning architecture.

  7. Attention Mechanism: Explains a technique for neural networks to focus on specific parts of data.

  8. Transformer Models and BERT Model: Teaches about a specific AI model called BERT and its architecture.

  9. Create Image Captioning Models: Shows how to make models that describe images.

  10. Introduction to Generative AI Studio: It demonstrates a tool to create and customize AI models.

These courses have lots of information, like videos, readings, and quizzes. Some might take longer if you read all the extra stuff. Also, some need a bit of knowledge in Python, machine learning, or other AI-related things.

Here is the course summary 


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