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InVideo: Redefining Video Creation with AI Precision and Professional Templates

InVideo, an innovative online video editor and creation platform, empowers users with a comprehensive suite of tools, including premium templates, images, and music, to craft professional-quality videos effortlessly.

To begin your video creation journey on InVideo, sign up for a free account and explore a vast library of over 5000 professionally-crafted templates. Choose the one that aligns with your vision, and customize it by incorporating your own images and logos. Edit and animate content while applying your brand’s unique colors and fonts. Leverage AI tools for script generation or converting text into engaging video content. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, adding voiceovers or utilizing text-to-speech functionalities. Once your masterpiece is ready, publish it and share it across various platforms.

Key Features of InVideo:

  1. 5000+ professionally-created templates
  2. Single-click shortcuts for background removal, stock media addition, and brand element application
  3. AI tools for script generation and text-to-video conversion
  4. Access to an extensive library of 8m+ stock media assets
  5. Editing capabilities like trimming, cropping, adding transitions, text, and stickers
  6. Option to record voiceovers or convert text to speech
  7. Team collaboration features for efficient video creation
  8. Mobile app for on-the-go editing convenience
  9. 24/7 human support for assistance
  10. Step-by-step tutorials and Udemy courses for learning
  11. Thriving community of creators for feedback and collaboration.

Site : AI.Invideo.IO

Price : Freemium

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