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Scoro : End to end proejct management

Scoro, a comprehensive work management software designed for professional services. Here’s what makes Scoro special:

  1. Unified System: Control your entire business from one place. Manage the entire project lifecycle, from scoping and planning to delivery and financial tracking. Sales, delivery, and financials are combined, providing real-time project insights.

  2. Resource Planning: Plan and forecast resources to optimize utilization. Identify resource shortages and make proactive decisions on hiring or outsourcing.

  3. Profitability Insights: Understand which clients, projects, services, or teams are profitable. Make informed decisions on pricing adjustments or cost-cutting.

  4. Cross-Team Collaboration: Break down silos by having all teams work in the same system. Eliminate manual status updates and handover meetings.

  5. Thorough Financials: Scoro excels at financial insights, from quoting and budgeting to profitability tracking at project, client, and service levels.

  6. Superior Accounting Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with different accounting software for a seamless data flow.

  7. Ease of Use: Scoro is easier to implement than other all-in-one solutions. Its clean, intuitive interface ensures quick adoption.

Explore Scoro to streamline your project management and boost profitability!

Price : Freemium

Site : Scoro

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