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reclaim ai for sheduling is an AI scheduling automation app that helps you find the best time for your meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks across your team. It works with your existing Google Calendar and syncs with your task list, Slack status, and people analytics to optimize your productivity and work-life balance 1.

Here are some of the features of

Defend No-Meeting Days & Focus Time: Protect your focus time on the calendar and find the best time for productive heads-down work in your calendar (while keeping your schedule flexible for changes) .

Integrate your task list with your calendar: Consolidate everything from your to-do lists and/or project management apps .
Assign & prioritize work across your team: Automatically schedule and assign tasks to the calendar.
Better estimate product roadmap goals: Use AI to estimate how long it will take to complete your projects .
Auto-schedule meetings with your team & users: Schedule meetings at the best time across your team using advanced prioritization controls .
Smart 1:1 Meetings Scheduling Links: Book smarter with flexible meeting links .
No-Meeting Days: Prevent meetings & auto-schedule heads-down work .
Improve work-life balance for everyone: Protect employees from forced overtime, notification interruptions, and back-to-back meeting days .
Smart Breaks: Auto-schedule breaks & travel time .
Calendar Sync: Block your availability across calendars.
Slack Status Sync: Customize & sync your Slack status to your calendar in real time.
Working Hours: Set your working hours and get notified when you’re working outside of them.
Time tracking analytics to optimize your workweek: Analyze where you’re spending time across meetings, tasks, habits, breaks, and personal time to identify your most productive days, when to say no to meetings, and how you can improve your work-life balance . is available for free on Google Calendar.

Website :  Reclaim.AI

Price : Free,Paid


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