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hCaptcha is an enterprise-grade AI security platform that provides protection against bots and human abuse

hCaptcha stands as an advanced AI security platform tailored for enterprise-level protection against both bots and human abuse, all while maintaining a strong commitment to user privacy.

Key Features of hCaptcha Enterprise:

  1. Efficient Bot Prevention: Swiftly identifies and deters both human and automated threats, ensuring robust protection against malicious activities.

  2. Versatile Compatibility: Offers universal support through an extensive array of plugins and seamless integrations with hundreds of platforms, ensuring adaptability to diverse technological ecosystems.

  3. Frictionless Experience: Boasts ultra-low friction for users with complete customization options, ensuring a smooth and tailored security experience.

  4. Global Privacy Compliance: Adheres to stringent global privacy standards, providing a secure environment while respecting user privacy.

  5. Accessibility Options: Incorporates accessibility features to ensure an inclusive user experience for individuals with varying needs and abilities.

  6. Advanced Threat Signatures: Equipped with sophisticated threat signatures to identify and counter evolving security challenges effectively.

  7. Fraud and Abuse Prevention: Capable of detecting and preventing a range of fraudulent activities, including account takeovers, credential stuffing, purchase fraud, card testing, chargeback fraud, SMS tolling fraud, and affiliate fraud.

hCaptcha Enterprise offers a robust suite of features, including the ability to stop bad bots, prevent human abuse, detect account takeovers, thwart credential stuffing, safeguard against purchase fraud, halt card testing and chargeback fraud, prevent SMS tolling fraud, and detect and deter affiliate fraud. This comprehensive set of features makes hCaptcha an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to fortify their online security infrastructure.

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