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Microsoft Copilot features

Microsoft Copilot is an intelligent AI assistant designed to help you achieve more in your daily tasks. Whether you’re searching for information, creating content, or collaborating on projects, Copilot adapts to your needs and provides valuable assistance.


  1. Chat with Text, Voice, and Image Capabilities: Communicate naturally with Copilot using text, voice, or even images.
  2. Summarization of Documents and Web Pages: Quickly extract key points from lengthy content.
  3. Image Creation in Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator): Generate unique images for your projects.
  4. Web Grounding: Access relevant information from the web.
  5. Use of Plugins and Copilot GPTs: Extend Copilot’s capabilities with additional tools and models.
  6. Commercial Data Protection (For Work): Eligible Microsoft Entra ID users enjoy data protection at no extra cost.

Site: Copilot.Microsoft

Price: Freemium

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