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  • QuillBot: A Tool to Improve Your Writing, Not Write for You
QuillBot: A Tool to Improve Your Writing, Not Write for You

AI writing is a hot topic these days, and there is a lot of debate about its use and misuse. QuillBot has helped many people improve their writing, but some people wonder if using it is considered AI writing.

The short answer is no. QuillBot’s tools are designed to help you improve your writing, not to write for you. For example, you can use QuillBot to correct grammar, paraphrasing sentences, or find synonyms. However, the final product is still your own work.

On the other hand, AI writers like ChatGPT can generate essay-length text from a few prompts. This text can then be presented with no changes. Because QuillBot does not generate text, most plagiarism checkers will not flag its use.

Following Tools has QuillBot has

1) Writing Tools :

Paraphrasing Tool
Plagiarism Checker
Word Counter

2) Free Grammar Tools

Grammar Checker
Spell Checker
Punctuation Checker
Essay Checker

3) Citation Tools

Citation Generator
APA Citation Generator
MLA Citation Generator

Price: Freemium

Site Link : Quillbot

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