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A is online customer support AI chat bot. Which can be use by many industry who spend lot of money on customer support this tool will help to those company to solve the customer query with more human touch text. If you want to try this product you can ask for demo and first book demo online and get idea of this product. It look like use character AI technology.

This product will help you in customer support area some of the following question can be answered very humanly with customer 

1 ) Order Status

2) Return and exchange

3) Order issue

4) Product Issue

5) Product SupportThis 

This product consider business inhouse software where all product catalog , order book ,  help desk , inventory , CRM , business policies are  maintain in the system & after analyzing information it gives answer. It is GPT-4 powered AI agents scale on demand to help you handle more requests faster so you can ditch ‘deflection’ and ‘containment’ KPIs and, instead, embrace ‘resolution’ as the ultimate mark of the customer.

website : Airkit.AI

Price : Paid ,Freemium

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