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Botsheets: Turn Chats into Spreadsheets Automatically

This is wonderful online tool which convert your chat bot data to a spreadsheet automatically. This AI tool need to login with your google account and need to give access to your files then you can go further.  In this tools a chat bot automatically extract data from chat and keep that data in to spread sheet automatically , but before start you have to add column header before extracting data by chatbot. Botsheets supports a variety of chat channels, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Twitte.

Onces data got inserted in to spreadsheet then data get analyses and then make informed decision about your business.  Benefit of using this tool is it will saving your time to extract data and keep in the spreadsheet , data accuracy will be more , this information will be use for improve business product

Price : Freemium

Website : Botsheets


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