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Glarity Summary:

Glarity Summary, a browser extension named ChatGPT for YouTube and Google, harnesses the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT language model. This innovative tool generates human-like text in response to user prompts. It’s designed to summarize content from various platforms including YouTube videos, Google searches, PubMed, PMC, NewsPicks, Github, Nikkei, Bing, Google Patents, and any webpage.

Key features of Glarity include:

  1. Efficient Summarization: Quickly summarize content from YouTube, Google, Twitter, PDFs, and websites.

  2. Side-by-Side Translation: Effortlessly compare translations with instant mirrored display, enhancing clarity and comprehension.

  3. Cross-Language Reading: Generate summaries in over 90 languages, facilitating understanding in your native language.

  4. Writing Made Easy: Utilize the Gmail Email Assistant to compose email responses with a single sentence, streamlining communication.

  5. Intelligent Q&A and Chat: Engage in interactive discussions or ask questions about web pages/documents, simulating casual conversations akin to chatting with ChatGPT.

Price : Paid

Site : Toolify.AI

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