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Superhuman redefines email efficiency

Superhuman redefines email efficiency, offering lightning-fast experiences for both teams and individuals. This AI-powered platform is engineered to boost productivity, responsiveness, and peace of mind. It features a suite of functionalities like Split Inbox, AI-assisted email composition, follow-up reminders, snippets, and read statuses, all aimed at simplifying email management and maximizing user time.

How to get started with Superhuman?

  1. Sign up for a Superhuman account.
  2. Connect your existing Gmail or Outlook email to Superhuman.
  3. Customize the interface based on your preferences.
  4. Utilize Split Inbox to prioritize incoming emails.
  5. Draft emails swiftly with AI-assisted composing.
  6. Manage follow-up reminders for crucial emails.
  7. Save time using snippets for repetitive content.
  8. Reduce inbox clutter by snoozing less urgent emails.
  9. Track read statuses to ensure your messages are received.
  10. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, avoiding email collisions.
  11. Access social insights from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  12. Integrate your calendar for smooth scheduling.

Key Superhuman Features:

  • Split Inbox: Automatically organize incoming emails.
  • AI Email Drafting: Write complete emails with just a line.
  • Follow-up Reminders: Set reminders for important emails.
  • Snippets: Automate common phrases or entire emails.
  • Snooze Emails: Temporarily remove less urgent emails.
  • Read Statuses: Track when your emails are read.
  • Autocorrect: Enhance typing speed and accuracy.
  • Team Collaboration: Share read statuses for effective teamwork.
  • Social Insights: Access contact details from social media.
  • Calendar Integration: Sync events and schedules seamlessly.
Site : SuperHuman
Price : Paid

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