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Talk to a Book - New way to read Book

Talk to a Book

Talk to a book it was experiment in which a people can ask  question to Talk to book and then it will search answer in  a collection of books  , then it will give answer. This is the new way to read the books experiment start from  2018 now it close in  june 2023. This Talk to Books is still under development, but it is a powerful tool for exploring ideas and discovering new books. You can use it to learn about a variety of topics, or to find books that are relevant to your interests.

To talk to a book some basic rule need to keep in mind 

  1. use natural language to ask queries to talk to a book
  2. be specific about the queries so that it will give you correct answer.
  3. use different word so that query result will be different.

Currently this is under development so it is free you can try this here is the link Try Talk to a Book

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