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Tome- AI powered storytelling Tool

Tome emerges as a storytelling platform infused with AI capabilities, enabling the generation, distribution, and immersion in online narratives. The minds behind this venture are Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani, former leaders at Instagram and Facebook, who envisioned aligning storytelling with contemporary work and communication patterns.

Tome presents a sleek and malleable framework that effortlessly breathes life into your concepts. Within this canvas, you can seamlessly blend text, visuals, videos, and interactive components to craft narratives that captivate while educating. Additionally, Tome incorporates AI-driven storytelling features that elevate the art of creating captivating narratives.

Discover the range of possibilities with Tome:

  1. Forge presentations for professional, academic, or personal contexts.
  2. Share intimate stories and presentations with a wider audience.
  3. Conceive marketing content, sales presentations, and diverse business documents.
  4. Harness its educational potential to fashion interactive textbooks or lecture materials.
  5. Convey your musings and notions in a creative and visually enthralling manner.

Tome operates as a no-cost tool, allowing users to swiftly register for an account and commence their journey of crafting stories.

Delve into the advantages and disadvantages of Tome:


  1. Intuitive usability.
  2. Adaptable layout fostering diverse creative expressions.
  3. Integration of AI-powered storytelling functionalities.
  4. No financial investment required.


  1. Restricted features in the free version.
  2. Not as pervasive as some alternative presentation tools.
  3. Occasional software glitches.

All in all, Tome emerges as a potent instrument for conceiving and disseminating narratives. It presents a user-friendly experience and a gamut of attributes for the creation of engaging tales. If you seek a means to narrate your stories in a more captivating and visually enticing manner, exploring Tome is certainly worthwhile.

Price: Free, Premium

Site: Tome.App

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