Help each other to explore AI Tools and Features. Register to submit your AI tool. AI scheduling automation app for optimizing productivity and work-life balance is an AI scheduling automation app that helps you find the best time for your meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks across your team. It works with your existing Google Calendar and syncs with your task list, Slack status, and people analytics to optimize your productivity and work-life balance 1. Here are some of the […]

MeetGeek: Elevating Meeting Efficiency with AI-Powered Insights

MeetGeek stands as an AI-driven meeting assistant, streamlining the recording, transcription, summarization, and sharing of crucial meeting insights. Seamlessly integrating with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, it offers: Automatic Recording and Transcription: Joining meetings to automatically record and transcribe sessions, creating searchable transcripts for future reference. AI-Powered Summaries and […]

Rezi: AI-Powered Resume Builder and Optimizer

Accessing Rezi is straightforward! Begin by registering for a complimentary account to commence crafting your resume. With its user-friendly interface, Rezi enables you to input your personal details, work history, and educational background effortlessly. The platform’s AI-powered technology then customizes resume content, bullet points, and a summary to suit your needs. Additionally, Rezi provides tools […]

ChatGPT Sidebar: Your AI-Powered Productivity Assistant (Chrome Extension)

Introducing ChatGPT Sidebar: Your All-in-One AI Solution for Productivity and Chatbots” Unleash the power of ChatGPT Sidebar, your ultimate AI companion for boosting productivity and enhancing your browsing experience. With a single press of Alt+C, access quick AI-powered assistance without the need for additional tabs or external websites. Elevate your Chrome experience and streamline your […]

Streamline Your Workflow with Electronic Signatures: Introducing Dropbox Sign

An electronic signature, commonly known as an e-signature, represents an individual’s digital acknowledgment of their agreement to the terms outlined in a specific document. These e-signatures find utility across a wide spectrum of documents, encompassing NDAs, sales contracts, invoices, timesheets, employee onboarding paperwork, leases, tax forms, and much more. Their legitimacy is underpinned by the […]

Cultivating Creativity and Efficiency: Unveiling the Potential of’s AI-Powered Content Creation Platform stands as a cloud-based AI platform, serving as an avenue for users to craft captivating visuals, images, and prose. The platform draws its strength from cutting-edge artificial intelligence models, designed to comprehend and produce natural language across diverse fields and languages. Within the realm of lie an array of tools and services, including: […]

Tome-Elevating Storytelling in the Digital Age with AI-Powered Creativity

Tome emerges as a storytelling platform infused with AI capabilities, enabling the generation, distribution, and immersion in online narratives. The minds behind this venture are Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani, former leaders at Instagram and Facebook, who envisioned aligning storytelling with contemporary work and communication patterns. Tome presents a sleek and malleable framework that effortlessly […]

Revolutionizing Google Search: Introducing LINER AI’s Next-Gen Enhanced Search Experience

LINER AI, fueled by ChatGPT, serves as an innovative search aide for Google. Discover an advanced search encounter bolstered by References and Search Next capabilities. Unearth solutions leveraging LINER AI’s distinct semi-parametric model and dependable sources, redefining the landscape of modern search. LINER, a versatile tool available both as a browser extension and a mobile […]