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Consensus: AI-Powered Research Insight Engine

Consensus offers an innovative search engine leveraging AI to extract insights from research papers. To harness its capabilities, simply register an account and begin querying for evidence-based solutions to your research inquiries. Input your question, such as “Does creatine aid muscle growth?” and Consensus will deliver results backed by real studies sourced from a database of over 200 million scientific papers. Employ the instant analysis function, powered by cutting-edge models including GPT-4 and other large language models (LLMs), to swiftly digest and summarize findings.

Key Features of Consensus:

  • AI-driven search engine tailored for research
  • Comprehensive database spanning over 200 million scientific papers
  • Results sourced directly from verified studies with proper citations
  • Instant analysis feature with proprietary functionalities
  • Trusted by a diverse community including researchers, students, medical professionals, and evidence-oriented consumers, with over 500,000 users relying on its services.

Price: Free, Paid

Website: Consensus.App

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