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Clear all - Updates - 2023.12.18

Ananya Thomas
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Expanding Bard Extensions to new languages

  • What: You can now use Bard to access helpful information from Google apps and services in Japanese and Korean, as well as English. With Bard Extensions, you can retrieve real-time info from YouTube, Hotels, Flights, and Maps and even allow Bard to retrieve information from your Gmail, Docs, and Drive, so you can easily find, summarize and get answers from your personal content. You're in control of your privacy settings when deciding how you want to use extensions.
  • Why: We're committed to building Bard responsibly, gradually bringing key features to more languages over time.

Bard can now support exporting more languages to Replit

  • What: In addition to Python, the Export to Replit feature will now support 18 programming languages including C++, Javascript, Ruby, SQL and Swift.
  • Why: As we continue to see developers come to Bard for help with coding, we've heard that you want to engage in Bard's coding-specific features in more programming languages.