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Claude 2 AI Assistant

Claude is focused on being a helpful, harmless, and honest assistant. Some of the key things that set Claude apart:

Safety: Claude is designed to avoid potentially harmful or dangerous responses. This includes not providing instructions for dangerous activities or generating inappropriate content.

Accuracy: Claude strives to provide responses that are factually correct and acknowledges if it is uncertain or lacks the knowledge to fully answer a question.

Objectivity: Claude aims to be impartial and neutral in its responses, not taking controversial positions or making subjective judgments.

Accountability: Claude will acknowledge and try to correct any prior mistakes or harmful responses if its users point them out. Anthropic welcomes feedback to keep improving Claude.

Controlled capabilities: Unlike AIs designed for unsupervised prowess, Claude has deliberately limited, bounded capabilities aligned with its design goals. The focus is being helpful within safe limits.

No personal data use: Claude does not collect or utilize users’ personal data, avoiding related risks and ethical complexities. It operates only on the provided conversational input.

Site : Claude.AI

Price :Freemium