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AI Text Classifier

OpenAI Text Classifier

AI Text Classifier: This is the product of Open AI, This is free of cost now but really interested that AI is giving prompt solutions and checking whether an answer is given by a chatbot or not. This classifier finds out whether a text is generated by various sources on the internet or not, actually it is very nice to find out. For more information on ChatGPT’s capabilities, limitations, and considerations in educational settings click this link Chat GPT Education Section.

OpenAI Text Classifier. This machine learning model is designed to discern between human-authored text and AI-generated content. While the OpenAI Text Classifier is currently in its developmental phase, it has already showcased its utility in identifying AI-generated text across diverse contexts, spanning social media, news articles, and scholarly papers.

Built upon an expansive language model, the OpenAI Text Classifier belongs to the category of artificial intelligence that adeptly produces relevant and coherent textual content. Its training entails an extensive dataset encompassing both human-generated and AI-generated text. This equips the model with the ability to recognize patterns that differentiate these two sources of text.

Though the OpenAI Text Classifier remains a work in progress, it has exhibited significant promise in identifying AI-generated text. A study published in the Nature journal demonstrated its accuracy, achieving a commendable 90% accuracy rate in detecting AI-generated text.

The OpenAI Text Classifier represents a formidable tool capable of detecting AI-generated content across various contexts. It serves the purpose of safeguarding users from potentially misleading AI text and concurrently elevates the quality of AI-generated textual output.

Highlighted Advantages and Disadvantages of the OpenAI Text Classifier:

Accuracy: The OpenAI Text Classifier has demonstrated noteworthy accuracy in identifying AI-generated text. Scalability: The tool can be effectively employed to analyze a substantial volume of text. Accessibility: The OpenAI Text Classifier is publicly accessible. 

Developmental Stage: As it remains under development, the OpenAI Text Classifier might not yet match the accuracy of more established text classifiers. Cost: Utilizing the OpenAI Text Classifier requires a subscription and is not available for free. Feature Limitations: Given its ongoing development, the tool may lack certain features present in other text classifiers. In summation, the OpenAI Text Classifier emerges as a robust solution for AI-generated text detection. Its accuracy, scalability, and public availability are commendable attributes. However, its ongoing development and certain limitations should be considered when evaluating its suitability for individual needs.


Price : Freemium

Site :  Ai-text-classifier.

I tried out some examples i.e some text generated by chatgpt, tested with this tool it shows the correct result ” The classifier considers the text to be likely AI-generated”

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